Monday, June 14, 2010

FileFront and Instructions


1. After opening the file in Crysis, click generate surface texture.

2. Lift keys are as follows

Lift 1 - To Merkel's office -
b = up
n = down

Lift 2 - From Merkel's office -
k = up
l = down

Lift 3 - To Kerr's office -
o = up
p = down

Google 3D Warehouse

5 Final Images

The table I have created has many connotations to power. Firstly, the curved edges demonstrate the changing nature of power, and how it can be easily lost or gained. Secondly it is placed on a rocky terrain to demonstrate the idea that power is very unevenly distributed throughout the people. It is also placed in between two roads to show that there are sometimes barriers preventing power.

The brief states that “Their application should somehow aid our navigation through the environment”, hence I have placed my three textures onto the three lifts, since they are mainly what is used to navigate within the crysis environment. The lifts also have connotations in themselves: Merkel’s lift rises in nature similar to that of stock exchange, since in the mash-up it talks mainly about her economic stance. Kerr’s lift moves directly up and down between her office space and the ground plane to show her quick rise to power from her modeling career.

The bridge has been inspired by Himmelblau’s Art Museum in Strongoli. The wave created both an enclosed area as well as outdoor public area. It uses many key words from my mash-up; being public, nature and sea. Its public, open area is represented through its support by tensions strings from the Sydney Tower, and its enclosed, solid, nature is shown through the placement of the solid section near the Brandenburg Tor: a solid structure. This shows that the two are able to be ‘bridged’ together in more than one sense.

The office space for Angela Merkel has been designed to be open to the public viewing. It was planned like this to comment on how people who are in powerful positions are often watched closely by members of the public. What is more, the stairs leading from the bottom floor to the top were deliberately designed to be jagged as this form holds connotations to the financial markets which are very volatile.

Miranda Kerr’s office space has been designed using mainly boxes which branch off one other. This branching idea arose when thinking about objects in nature. The different directions, or branches, of each room in her space demonstrate the various paths which can be taken by the client, such as the new range of health food which is talked about in her article. What is more, this branching can also demonstrate that power can be gained through taking various paths.